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May 17 2018

You can find me on @writscrib under Writingfish. Come say hello!

April 23 2018

Find me on writscrib if you haven’t already! I’m no longer on here. 

April 17 2018


Heads up, I have more of a presence on @writscrib now

April 06 2018

Heads up, I have more of a presence on @writscrib now

March 19 2018

rinrinp42 replied to your post “Still alive and trying to help my uncle’s startup get off the ground….”

It’s not making any money rn, but he can afford to give me some cash, which is awesome!

Still alive and trying to help my uncle’s startup get off the ground. I should be getting my Master’s degree in August too!

February 22 2018

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I wanted to try and do a style closer to the Netflix Castlevania show. I did a Hector, but he didn’t turn out very well.

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thank you for 5K!! 💖

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feel good memes

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commission - allegoriest

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Requested by anonymous: Steve + sunglasses

February 21 2018

Making asking about salary illegal 2k18

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BAM! Cold weather Batsuit! 
I’ve never designed a full Bat suit before, and its pretty silly that I did since all I wanted to draw was Batman with giant stompy snow boots. 

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Via Nate Taylor at Twitter.

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Illustrations from the Moana storybook.

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Greenland is farther east, west, north, and south than Iceland.

For some reason I absolutely hate this information

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what’s the mood for tuesday

February 20 2018









europeans: *throws bananas at black athletes and politicians in their countries*

europeans: you americans are so obsessed with race… so strange….

Britain: *harasses the fuck out prince harry’s gf meghan markle for being a biracial black woman despite being white passing*

Britain: right? I don’t get this whole “race” thing Americans got going on

Europeans: pissed off about immigration in their countries

Europeans: *colonized the whole FUCKING world*

Australians: *supports the ‘stop the boats campaign’. let’s one nation back in. closed refugee detention centres and displaced the people*

Australians: we’re so tolerant and multicultural. idk y america has such an issue with race.

Canadians: *experience a rise in hate crimes against Muslim Canadians. Forced indigenous peoples off their land and into the horrific residential school system. Has a higher incarceration rate for poc than white people.*

Canadians: we’re way better and more tolerant up here than America. Why can’t they just learn from us.

Yo when are y’all gonna realize it’s not just one country and we as a species need to fix it cause we all fucked up?

we as a species? nah, Y’ALL as a species. there were 6 continents minding the fuck out of their own business until white Europeans decided to fuck that up for everybody.

reblogging for that last one

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